The BIG Fish Saga at Cleone Campground
Daniel of Grass Valley California

Daniel, of Grass Valley California definitely fulfilled his expectations of catching several LARGE salmon in Ft. Bragg's coastal waters. His fish catch averaged 30 lbs. of which he and his friends caught at least 10 fish.



40 pounds! You gotta be kidding!

A Sacramento California group caught some of the biggest fish Cleone Campground has seen in years!


The BIG Fourty Pounder!
I can bearly hold this salmon

Come on take the picture, I can't hold this much longer! Yes, at 40 pounds, this salmon WAS the BIG KAHOONA!

Come and get it!

[Wonder what the fish was saying]


What is this salmon saying?

[Where did I go wrong to deserve this?]

Why is this man smiling?

He knows the salmon did just the right thing . . . bite the bait for his BBQ!

The BIG Kahoona!_40 Pounds!

At the fish deck, there are always gawkers!

At the Fish Deck, there will ALWAYS be "Gawkers" [admirers] wishing they had been the ones to make the BIG catch!

"So, where did you catch it?"
"How many — Is THAT Salmon?"
"What did you use; reel, rod, test, bait; Did you give 'em a run for their money?"

So, whose livin' with the fishes now!


Guy and Linda Evans, Managers of Cleone Campground, can only remember one fish bigger than this which weighed in at 47 lbs.!

A picture maybe worth a thousand words, but a BBQ will prove that these guys have BIGGER fish to fry!

You took the words [fish] right out of my mouth!

Linda & Guy, managers, need a picture of this!

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